Ole Wessung is a chiropractor whos life story reads like a TV character. A former professional ice hockey player, he invented the now ubiquitous Citybike back in the 80s. Oles knows everything there is to know about human physiology, but having broken nearly every bone in body over the years in various sporting accidents hes also become an expert on the power of the mind. After a motorbike accident when he was in his mid-20s, doctors told him they needed to amputate his leg. Ole had other ideas though, and today, at 56 hes still competes in two Iron Mans every year. 

“Do the right thing right, not only when there is something wrong.”

Learn how you can make a big changes to your physical and mental 
health with small changes to your behavior and thinking. This course could change your life is your suffer with chronic pain. And even if you’re 100% healthy, it can help you get into good physical and mental habits to help you stay that way.

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