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Disrupt-Her is a Modern Woman’s Manifesto, demanding-that women question, dissect, and then disrupt 13 major areas, issues, and preconceptions in their lives.

In this course, the co-founder of THINX, Hellotushy.com, and Wild, startups valued at over $150 million, comes Disrupt-Her, a rallying cry for women to radically question the status quo.

Miki Agrawal will teach you to look again at what it means to be an adult, the constant “chirping” of complaints and comparisons in your brain, the illusion of perfection, your interactions with “Hate-Hers,” your relationships with men and much much more.

Disrupt-Her shows you who you are today, and helps you become who you want to be moving forward

By taking this course, you’re opening yourself up to disrupting your beliefs about the world – all the stories, hierarchies and taboos that limit you and stop you from being the person you want to be. Throw them away and you can live a truly vibrant, strong and LitUpp life.

Congratulations for taking this big, courageous step.

Equal parts autobiographical and research driven, Miki shares everything she learned on her journey as an entrepreneur, CEO and innovator.

At the end of every Disruption there are questions and actions you can use to blow up the parts of your life that aren’t working, and create something new and beautiful.

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Disrupt-Her shifts our perspective and acts as a forcing function to question what changes we need to make in each of our lives, and how to best act with a sense of urgency
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Harley Finkelstein , COO of Shopify and Dragon from Dragons’ Den
Disrupt-Her is a one-of-a-kind manifesto that takes you by the hand, energetically pulls you away from societal preconceptions, and pushes you toward a life and world of possibility and abundance where you will shout, ‘YES!! I CAN DO ANYTHING!’ Miki lived through all the ups and downs of being a Disrupt-her and emerges with this book and perspective of life that is vulnerable, POWERFUL and contagious. 
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Radha Agrawal , Founder and CEO of Daybreaker.com and author of Belong
Miki goes straight to the truth and there is no wiggle room for any kind of excuses. Her powerful lessons are based on her personal journey as well as fact-based research, which will inspire you to want to put the book down and start acting immediately. It’s a powerful, truthful fire lit directly under your ass.
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Suzy Batiz , Founder and CEO, Poo-Pourri and Supernatural
In Disrupt-Her, Miki Agrawal invites all us humans to reexamine the beliefs and behaviors that keep us from living a fully expressed and authentic life.
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Mark Hyman, M.D , #1 New York Times best-selling author of Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? and director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine
Disrupt-Her forces us to question all that is not serving us in our own life and in the greater society.
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John Mackey , Co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market and author of Conscious Capitalism and The Whole Foods Diet
Any time a woman says to a system that doesn’t work for her, for her children, for any species or for the planet, No, no way, not gonna, I’ve had it—that way of doing things doesn’t work for me so don’t even think about asking me, I say, ‘You go girl!’ So to Miki Agrawal: ‘You go girl, and please keep going!’
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Marianne Williamson , New York Times best-selling author
A manifesto meant for anyone who is bumping up against the edges of the typical societal mold and wondering if there’s more to life. Miki shows us that if we run toward our authentic selves, indeed, there is.
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Sophia Bush , Actress and activist

Meet your instructor

Miki is a social entrepreneur and innovator, named as a “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum, and as one of Inc’s “Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs.”


What you’ll learn



You can live in a childlike state of curiosity, playfulness and awe and experience joy everyday. Ok, you’re an adult, but that doesn’t mean life’s gotta be boring.


Is the stuff in your life making you happy? How about the people? Clean house! Practice addition by subtraction.


We stagnate in the same dull jobs for years because we’re told we must follow a career path. But no! We can follow a “lit path” where the dots of our lives connect.


Money is flowing energy—the more we talk about money as energy, the more our energy around money will shift too.


Chirping is for procrastinators. Instead of chirping about what you don’t like, create what you would like.


There’s so much pressure to be perfect – but it’s not about “being perfect,” it’s the iterative process that’s perfect.


Hate-Hers exist within all of us. The faster we catch ourselves acting out as HATE-HERs, the faster we can go back to being LOVE-HERs.


Always think BIG. Everyone can be a Disrupt-Her.


Rock the boat and fight the patriarchy authentically.


We can expose every side of ourselves powerfully, both in our business and in our personal lives.


Replace the word “failure” with “revelation.”


Breed a SNAG (Secure New Age Guy or Gal)!


It’s all about transparency, vulnerability, and community.

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Miki shows you how to throw off the limitations society put on you

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Miki Agrawal shows you how to Disrupt your life in the most LitUpp way possible

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About the Author

Miki Agrawal

14 reviews

Miki Agrawal is a social entrepreneur who uses creativity and disruptive innovation to challenge the status quo and change culture.

She is the founder of several acclaimed social enterprises: WILD, THINX, ICON & TUSHY. And she is also the author of the best-selling books, Do Cool Sh*t and Disrupt-Her.

Miki was named as one of “Fast Company’s Most Creative People” in 2018, as a “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum, and as one of Inc’s “Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs.”

She has spoken at Harvard Business School, the Conscious Capitalism Summit, the United Nations, TEDX, P&G and more.

She speaks passionately about her 15 years of entrepreneurial activities, from inventing products in taboo categories, to creatively launching them, to marketing and scaling them exponentially, to dealing with shocking setbacks – and she shares her colorful and authentic revelations along the way.

Learn more about Miki at mikiagrawal.com

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Nikolaj Boffy
I have worked with leadership for 11 years, and LitUpp is by far the best online development course I have ever taken. The videos are superb quality, and so is the content!
Gamal Saaid
I've received valuable information from the Wealth and Strategic Networking programs. The speakers' are outstanding, and both the quality and the content is amazing!
Katrine Gilberg
Truly realizing my talents, and being aware of the power I hold, gives me more strength, and understanding on how to motivate myself and others. I admire this innovative tool.
Charles Davis
Within 2 weeks of taking the Passion Test, I was contacted to lead a workshop for 150 people in Japan. This aligned with one of my top passions. I am so excited about life now!
Edward Vergara
I'm absolutely blown to bits by these courses. All the valuable content is so helpful and inspiring. By allowing ourselves to aspire, I believe there's always room to learn more.
Michael Christiansen
Litupp is for me the vanguard of a digital revolution to heal and help anyone in a stressed everyday or enforcing your capabilities to overcome your any dream. Road to success is..


What do you need to know?

Is this course only for women?

Disrupt-Her has “Her” in it, implying it’s made for women only, but “he” is within “her,” much like “man” is within “woman.” The Bible speaks of “man,” Aristotle writes about “man,” and even Viktor Frankl wrote Man’s Search for Meaning, yet women read those texts too, don’t they? So why can’t we say “her” and “woman” and have men engage with it too?

This course was made by a woman, for women, but it’s meant to be read by all humans. That includes YOU too, if you so choose.

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About the Founder

Kjenneth Holm

Thanks for being curious and stopping by. It’s not many people who really want to dig deeper into life.
Everyone wants to be happy, but how often do we take a minute to think about what really counts?

I’ve been through a lot in my life – had some big highs and some painful lows – and through it all I learned it doesn’t matter how successful you are, if you’re not right with who you are and what really matters in your life, something needs to change.
If that’s you, then you know what I’m talking about. That’s what LitUpp is all about.

Kjenneth Schøller Holm