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Wealth Creation

  • Entrepreneurship skills
  • 4+ hours of video
  • Start your journey today
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Creation With Marcus de Maria

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Strategic Networking

  • Connect & influence
  • Generate interest
  • Create engagement
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Networking With Christopher Barrat

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Meditation & Mindfulness

  • Find clarity & focus
  • Balance stress
  • Access greater happiness
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Meditation & Mindfulness With Henning Daverne

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Body language & Influence

  • Get good energy
  • Influence with body-language
  • Learn to read people
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& Influence With Jesper Bergstrøm

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Energy Nutrition

  • Boost your energy
  • Understand super foods
  • Increase your performance
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Nutrition With Christina Santini

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Embrace your talent

  • Find your talents
  • Use your talents
  • Be the best you can be
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your talent With Iris Engelund

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Peak Performance

  • The concept of Breatheology
  • Strengthen your health
  • Optimize your performance
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Performance with Stig Severinsen

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What do our costumers say:

  • Edward Vergara
    I'm absolutely blown to bits by these courses. All the valuable content is so helpful and inspiring. By allowing ourselves to aspire, I believe there's always room to learn more.
  • Gamal Saaid
    I've received valuable information from the Wealth and Strategic Networking programs. The speakers' are outstanding, and both the quality and the content is amazing!
  • Michael Christiansen
    Litupp is for me the vanguard of a digital revolution to heal and help anyone in a stressed everyday or enforcing your capabilities to overcome your any dream. Road to success is..
  • Susanne Frandsen
    Marcus absolutely nails it. I love his holistic approach to wealth applying ALL areas necessary to take a quantum leap. This program will give you so many AHA moments - thx <3
  • Anja Thybo
    With LitUpp’s Strategic Networking program I’ve learned to communicate and network with ease, to use storytelling to create curiosity, and I know what to avoid when building my brand.
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  • Nikolaj Boffy
    I have worked with leadership for 11 years, and LitUpp is by far the best online development course I have ever taken. The videos are superb quality, and so is the content!
  • Katrine Gilberg
    Truly realizing my talents, and being aware of the power I hold, gives me more strength, and understanding on how to motivate myself and others. I admire this innovative tool.
  • Birgitte Cetti
    This is just great! I have taken the Strategic Networking program and already now I have been using several things from the program. Next stop Meditation & Mindfulness. Can't wait.
  • Susanne Søndergaard
    I have now worked through the Wealth program 3 times. It's crazy how much it has moved my thinking about money, as an entrepreneur and networker! Marcus is a fantastic speaker

Skills for life

There are no short cuts. No quick fixes. No one makes it overnight. Deep down, we all know that’s true.

LitUpp helps you nail the ‘soft skills’ – things like emotional intelligence, communication and mindset – and the fundamental principles of business and branding that make all the difference to your career.

We teach you how to work smart so you know you’ll get a return on the energy you invest.

We upload one new premium program every month.

In January, we’re releasing Blockchains & Cryptocurrency with mutli-millionaire investor, Marcus de Maria.

And in February we have Messaging – How To Engage & Boost Your Brand with award-winning journalist and producer, Tom Greenwood.

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Our Experts

  • Marcus de Maria

  • Christopher Barrat

  • Iris Engelund

  • Henning Daverne

  • Christina Santini

  • Jesper Bergstrøm

  • Stig Severinsen